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Transparent Pricing Incl GST

Responsible Waste Disposal

3 Trees Planted For Each Job

Bitcoin Payments Accepted

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I want to use this business as more than just a means of income, I want to be a visible difference in an industry that has shoved aside what is most important.

The world we live in.

I provide education and awareness of critical electrical issues in your home, a completely see through pricing structure, priced by the point not by the hour and will always include GST in our pricing when discussing costs.

I really enjoy my day, spending time meeting new people, installing amazing light fittings and making sure you are safe in your own home and workplace.

It is hard and impossible to not create any waste in this line of work, however, I am completely committed to owning our impact on the environment and will responsibly make sure it gets recycled and reused as much as possible.

After partnering up with Carbon Neutral, 3 trees will be planted on your behalf to help combat climate change as well as protect and restore forests and wildlife.

As of Jan 2O22 we have planted over 4OOO trees!



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